Heritage refurbishment and extension in Milford on Sea

Our client asked Fitzgerald Architecture to investigate the refurbishment and extension of his Grade II listed home. Originally a stately home that was converted into separate homes and gardens he was seeking to find how best to extend his property. The property comprises a layout that includes an existing large room with heritage credentials together with accommodation in a twentieth century flat roofed addition to the property. The initial brief was to add a first floor extension above the later. Before the involvement of Fitzgerald Architecture various applications had been made for Listed Building Consent. We were able to develop the design, adapt the brief to incorporate additional accommodation in the existing loft and to produce a more open plan layout to allow contemporary living. Agreement with the Conservation Officer permitted the introduction of a staircase to provide access to the new accommodation.  The primary (heritage) roof structural members in the roof space are retained and articulate the form of the new space that is proposed for the loft. The existing ceiling is replaced with a new, lower floor structure and a gallery is created.

The minimal design approach contrasts with the existing heritage elements. This is reinforced by the glass balustrades which are integrated to minimise their impact on the space and to allow the appearance of the structural members to be prominent.

Listed Building Consent was obtained in 2017