Spring Update 2021

Spring Update

In response to a Pre-Application the NPA have accepted the approach suggesting changes to a Heritage house in the Forest and we are progressing with the design of a replacement building. Ecology studies are required and following that we expect our next step will be the preparation of a planning Application.

Construction has commenced for our project in Milford on Sea with demolition activities to enable site activities to the house and boundary treatment. Works to the boundary may be seen in the photos and a start on the works to the house, delayed from last Autumn is imminent.

The contemporary approach to the refurbished bungalow in Lymington is taking shape and may now been see in site progress photographs.

Detailed design of the Arts and Craft house in the Forest featured in previous updates is ongoing with the expectation that construction will commence later this year.

FAL has recently been appointed to design the transformation of a bungalow in Everton and we continue to develop the design for projects of various sizes in the National Park. When appropriate we will provide further updates on these projects in due course.